Jerry Stephani is a vocalist entertainer.
With a vocal range exceeding two and a half octaves of clean, velveteen tones, Jerry moves fluidly between rhythm & blues, standards, rock & roll, country and the oldies. From Lou Rawls to Sting, Billy Joel to Nat King Cole, Smokey Robinson, Brook Benton, or Temptations to Tony Bennett, the music transitions flawlessly with the interpreted mood of the audience.

The show has an edgy character at the same time it celebrates the pure joy of rock & roll. Jerry’s vocals do not attempt to mimic the original artist but do capture their flavor, style, energy and essence. Every song has a pulsating heart and Jerry’s interpretation breathes life into every melody.

The recent collaboration with Gordon Perow, life-long musician and songwriter, as added a new dimension to the show. Gordy has a distinctive 'Willie Nelson-like' voice with all of the passion associated with it. Together, some extraordinary harmonies come from the new duo. 

With a song repertoire of over one thousand songs, covering a span of sixty years of music, the show is a literal celebration of the music most audiences have experienced over their lifetime. Thus, the significance of the tag line: 
Singing the Soundtrack of Your Life

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.                                                                              
Robin Williams


July '09   What an incredible night last night! The music selections were wonderful and the uptempo music was a crowd pleaser. I can't remember the Mill ever rocking out like that! Everyone just had the best time.  Our party loved it.
Duck & Brenda